HAPPY TRAILS COWBOY: Dallas linebacker Jerry Brown Jr. laid to rest today in St. Louis

Dallas Cowboy Jerry Brown Jr. remembered during emotional funeral - The Boys Are Back blog

ST. LOUIS — Friends, family, teammates and members of the community filled a church to say goodbye to former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Jerry Brown Jr.

He was remembered Saturday morning for his religious beliefs, sense of humor, physical presence and his lifelong desire to play in the NFL.

A casket containing the body of Jerry Brown is wheeled out of Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church during his funeral Saturday in St. Louis - The Boys Are Back blog

His casket was Cowboys grey with the team’s star logo on the inside. His No. 53 Cowboys framed jersey and pictures from his life bracketed the casket, along with a signed helmet from the Indianapolis Colts.

Brown, who was signed to the Dallas practice squad in October after being cut from Indianapolis, died when the car he was riding in flipped after hitting a curb. The driver, Josh Brent a teammate with the Cowboys and at the University of Illinois.

A man wears a shirt picturing Jerry Brown Jr. as another holds a program for Brown's funeral service outside Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church Saturday in St. Louis - The Boys Are Back blog

More than a dozen of his teammates from Illinois and high school attended the service. The Cowboys, who held a service on Tuesday in Dallas, will wear a "53" decal for the remainder of the season to honor Brown.

"I’m sad, but when I think about Jerry I just think about the happy Jerry," Jason Davis said, who helped recruit Brown to play at the University of Illinois. "He was so humble. He was so funny. He was so good at football."

Brown’s youth coach remembered a player so competitive he never seemed pleased. He told about approaching Brown after a game the team handily won and asking the boy why he was crying.

"He’s crying these big ol’ tears and he said, ‘I. I. I didn’t touch the ball enough,’" the coach recalled to a roar of laughter and nodding heads.

Former Dallas Cowboy Jerry Brown remembered during emotional funeral - The Boys Are Back blog

Several relatives chose to speak to a small media gathering prior to the service. Each said Brown died far earlier than he should but they trusted it was his time. Many also said they believed the funeral would help bring closure to the close-knit family.

Andrea Bosquez was the final person to offer condolences during the service. She is scheduled to give birth to their daughter, already named Mya, in February.

"I love you," she said looking at the casket. "He was the love of my life. He was my fiancé. He was my best friend."

The cause of his death was only brought up once in passing, until the ministers began speaking in the second half of the funeral. The four who spoke talked about the evil affects alcohol played in the death but each reminded the gathering that whatever led to Brown’s death did not diminish the lives involved.

"I have no answer for why this happened," one said. "But we live with the decisions — good, bad or otherwise."

Dallas Cowboys Jerry Brown - 1987-2012 - The Boys Are Back blog

Editors Note: Below, is a link to a must see video. Click HERE to view.

FORGIVENESS: Jerry Brown’s mom tells Josh Brent she still loves him

Jerry Brown's mom tells Josh Brent she still loves him - The Boys Are Back blog

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