BRANDON CARR: Distractions? What distractions?

pass that bounced off Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson was intercepted by Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr - The Boys Are Back blog

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr is either the most focused player on the team or someone who enjoys having a little fun with media members prone to overreact to wins and losses. Or both.

Whatever the case, Carr paused during today’s teleconference before answering a question about whether the Cowboys (4-5) had put last week’s off-field distractions behind them with Sunday’s 38-23 victory over Philadelphia.

“What were the distractions?,” Carr responded.

A reporter mentioned ongoing speculation about the job status of coach Jason Garrett, as well as former coach Jimmy Johnson’s assertion that the Cowboys cultivate a “country club” climate in the team locker room, with minimal fear of repercussions for losses or poor play.

“My bad,” said Carr, who had a 47-yard touchdown on an interception return against the Eagles. “I guess I guess I wasn’t distracted. Sorry.”

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