POTATO PATATO: Rob Ryan emphasizes takeovers, not turnovers

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan works the sideline against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The Boys Are Back blog

IRVING, Texas – Give Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan credit for coming up with an interesting way to address creating turnovers.

“Obviously we’re not good at getting turnovers, so we’re going to get takeovers this week,” Ryan said. “We’ve changed the game and I think we’re going to do much better. So we’re getting takeovers and we’re ready to go.”

In the first five games, the Cowboys have generated only four turnovers, including a league-low one interception. Only Indianapolis (three) has created fewer than the Cowboys. New England leads the NFL with 16 takeaways (six interceptions, 10 fumbles).

Dallas’ defense does rank #2 in yards allowed per game, only behind the 49ers. The Cowboys also have the #1 passing defense in the NFL.

Sunday’s foe, Carolina, has turned it over 11 times on the season with five interceptions and two lost fumbles from Cam Newton, two lost fumbles from Joe Adams and one each from Steve Smith and DeAngelo Williams.

The Cowboys have emphasized the importance of creating turnovers every possibly way through drills and video. Let’s see if the name change works.

Todd Archer (ESPN – Dallas) contributed to this post


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