NEXT FIVE–NFC EAST SCHEDULE: Dallas Cowboys road trip; then a home stretch

The Dallas Cowboys are starting a stretch with four of five games on the road, which will take them to Baltimore this week, Carolina next week, then Atlanta and Philadelphia. In the middle is a home game against the New York Giants.

The Cowboys are the only NFC East team that will go four of five on the road this year. But once the Cowboys come out of that stretch, they have a three-game Thanksgiving home stand that could provide momentum for December. No other NFC East team has three straight games at home.

“You can’t really think that far out,” veteran defensive end Marcus Spears. “I think it becomes a distraction when you start thinking about how well you’re doing on the road or what you’ve got in front of you after this game. I think this league is week to week. If your mindset is not like that, you put yourself behind the 8-ball because you’re not focused on what you need to be focused on, and obviously that gets you in trouble.”

The Cowboys (2-2) are even in the loss column with the Giants (3-2) and Eagles (3-2), all with two. The Redskins are 2-3.

“I don’t even know nobody’s record in the division except for ours,”cornerback Brandon Carr said. “I’m just focused on what’s going on in this locker room, what’s going on in this organization. At the end of the day, I’m a Dallas Cowboy, and that’s all that matters to me right now.”

But the rest of us can think down the road.

The Next Five - Dallas Cowboys 2012-2013 Schedule - The Boys Are Back blog

Here are the other NFC East schedules in the next five weeks:

New York Giants

at San Francisco

vs. Washington

at Dallas

vs. Pittsburgh

at Cincinnati

Washington Redskins

vs. Minnesota

at New York Giants

at Pittsburgh

vs. Carolina


Philadelphia Eagles

vs. Detroit


vs. Atlanta

at New Orleans

vs. Dallas

The Three-Game Home Stretch:

The Home Stretch - Dallas Cowboys 2012-2013 Schedule - The Boys Are Back blog

EDITORS NOTE: Actually, five of the remaining seven games will be played at Cowboys Stadium. Click HERE to see the Dallas Cowboys 2012-2013 NFL Schedule.

The Final Four - Dallas Cowboys 2012-2013 Schedule - The Boys Are Back blog

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