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RIVAL HEADLINES: Seattle Post – Seahawks drop hard-fought opener

Doug Baldwin misses a pass from QB Russell Wilson as Cardinals DB Michael Adams breaks up the play during the first half Sunday. (Rick Scuteri AP Photo) - The Boys Are Back blog

After last season, when the Seahawks had Tarvaris Jackson starting at quarterback, they needed a leader who could make a last-chance push to the end zone.

So, during the offseason, the Seahawks picked up quarterback Matt Flynn in free agency and Russell Wilson in the NFL Draft.

One of them, the team brass hoped, could lead a big comeback of the kind seen so often in the NFL.

Well, the Seahawks on Sunday needed such a comeback in Arizona, and they had their chance — a few chances. Wilson, the rookie selected over Flynn to start the season under center, led Seattle downfield in the final two minutes of Seattle’s season opener, getting the Seahawks to the 31-yard line with four downs to use and under two minutes to play. Down 20-16 in enemy territory, the Seahawks needed a touchdown — a three-point field goal wouldn’t cut it.

NFL Game Rewind - The Boys Are Back blog

TBAB EDITORS NOTE: Want to size up the Cowboys next opponent? Watch the Seattle vs. Cardinals game on NFL Game Rewind.

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RIVAL HEADLINES: Seattle Times – For coach Pete Carroll, it’s proving time

Pete Carroll introduces Seahawks fans to this year's (hopefully) spectacular show - The Boys Are Back blog

I’ll admit it: Pete Carroll has me all twisted up. When it focuses on the Seahawks coach, my brain resembles Marshawn Lynch’s hair.

Covering Carroll is like trying to watch a magic show while skydiving. It’s unhinging. It redefines "over the top." You have no idea what will happen when you hit the ground, and you have no idea how you feel about it, either.

The man is a 60-year-old contradiction: so energetic, so open-minded, so hip. He’s a great communicator despite defying the fundamentals of sentence construction. He’s an unconventional thinker who also abides without compromise by the button-down belief that games are won with defense and a power running game. And if your mind isn’t also doing Chubby Checker’s favorite dance yet, consider that even his most ordinary philosophy is becoming a nonconformist approach because football is so pass happy now.

Unconventionally conventional?

Yeah, all twisted up.

Carroll sparks more conversation and inspires more trust than any coach who has ever opened a tenure with two losing seasons. With the help of a football operations staff led by general manager John Schneider, a first-time personnel chief who is already one of the best in the business, the Seahawks have stripped down an unimpressive roster and replenished it with a more talented, youthful and explosive version that gives Carroll his best chance at prolonged NFL success.

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