PRESEASON OFFENSE: Tony Romo not discouraged; praises Arkin’s work at center

Tony-Romo - Dallas-Cowboys offensive line - vs Oakland Raiders 2012 NFL - The Boys Are Back blog

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo played three series against the Raiders, producing zero points and gaining 22 yards in that stretch. He took one sack, narrowly avoided another and watched the team take a false start penalty on third down.

But he said he was not discouraged by the lack of production.

“I want to see us move it up and down the field as well,” Romo said. “But we made a couple of mental errors. And when you get behind the chains, it’s very difficult to overcome that situation. Sacks and penalties, they just put you behind the 8-ball. You can’t have 2 or 3 of those in a two-or-three drive span. We’re going to look at them and we’re going to correct them.”

Romo praised the work of guard-turner-center David Arkin, who had no errant snaps in three-plus quarters of work in his first NFL action at the position. During practices, Arkin had struggled snapping the ball, especially in the shotgun.

Arkin expressed satisfaction at going glitch-free as a snapper but acknowledged he shared blame for the one sack on Romo (minus-12 yards) because of a communications error. Still, Romo praised Arkin. 

“He’s done a great job this week,” Romo said. “I just took snaps from him for the first time three days ago. He’s playing his butt off, so it’s a good sign.”

Romo suggested the Cowboys’ offense would have been better, based on what the Raiders’ showed defensively, in a regular-season setting.

“You look at the coverages they were running, we could have gotten to some thing we really like but that’s not what we do in the pre-season. And for good reason,” Romo said.

Jimmy Burch

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