Should the Dallas Cowboys make bid for Colt McCoy?

If the reports are right about Cleveland putting Colt McCoy on the clearance rack, the Cowboys ought to offer the Browns a late-round pick.

This isn’t about creating competition for franchise quarterback Tony Romo or even backup Kyle Orton, for that matter. It’s about acquiring an intriguing developmental project for a low price.

The ex-Longhorn would be an upgrade over the Aggie.

The Cowboys clearly aren’t excited about Stephen McGee’s development. Had McGee impressed important Valley Ranch folks, they would have bumped him into the backup role instead of giving Orton a three-year, $10.5 million contract. McGee is expected to compete with waivers pickup Rudy Carpenter for a roster spot.

McCoy, who has two seasons left on his rookie deal and is due to make $540,000 this season, at least has the potential to develop into a quality starter. He really wasn’t too bad playing for a talent-starved Browns team, passing for 4,309 yards with 20 touchdowns and 20 interceptions in 21 starts.

If McCoy comes to Dallas and performs well this preseason, perhaps the Cowboys could flip him for a better pick than they gave up to get him. If not, they’ve improved the No. 3 quarterback spot with a young player who has potential, even though he wouldn’t be a perfect fit in Jason Garrett’s system.

If the Browns are just looking to dump McCoy, there should be room for him at Valley Ranch.

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  1. Colt McCoy who was the winning-est QB in college football history, had no help at Cleveland last year, he would be great for Dallas, could learn from Romo, and can play great if given the chance with a team that can offer a little help on the field.


    1. Dennis, thank you for your comment and welcome to The Boys Are Back blog. I’d have to verify Colt McCoy’s standings in college football history, but ALL of the rest of your points are spot on! McGee just isn’t doing it and he’s had plenty of chances to develop. Personally, I’d like to see Romo, Orton, and Colt McCoy on the roster this year.


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