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Troy Aikman pays $1.75 million in divorce

Troy and Rhonda Aikman - The Boys Are Back blogFormer Dallas Cowboys quarterback and current Fox analyst Troy Aikman paid $1.75 million in a marital property agreement as part of his divorce.

Aikman and wife Rhonda were married 10 years before their divorce in April 2011. The couple met when she worked as a publicity staffer for the Dallas Cowboys and he was the team’s starting quarterback.

When they married on April 8, 2000, she had a daughter from a previous marriage. Together, the Aikman’s would have two more daughters.

In May, Alan Peppard of The Dallas Morning News reported that Aikman sold land next to his home in Highland Park that included a sport court and a 1,045 square-foot cabana. He did not sell his home. The land was listed at an asking price of $14 million.

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