HAPPY DAYS: Jerome Henderson is happy to reunite with Rob Ryan

Jerome Henderson diggin the idea of working with Rob Ryan

Jerome Henderson jumped at a chance to reunite with Rob Ryan in Dallas. Henderson coached under Ryan for two seasons in Cleveland. The Cowboys hired him when his contract with the Browns expired.

“If you know coach Ryan, if he’s gone, you miss him,” Henderson at his introductory news conference. “My experience with coach Ryan is he’s very intelligent; he’s very passionate about this game. He thinks football all the time, and he knows football. He’s very loyal. He’s going to wrap his arm around all his guys, and he’s going to make sure he takes care of his guys. You appreciate that as a coach. You appreciate the way he thinks about you, and he’s not afraid to say, ‘I think you do a hell of a job.’ You appreciate that as well. And you miss that. You do. You miss his fire. You miss everything that he is.”

Jason Garrett said he was swayed on Henderson by the opinions of Ryan, linebackers coach Matt Eberflus and defensive ends coach Ben Bloom, who all worked with him in Cleveland.

“They just spoke so highly of him,” Garrett said.

Henderson played eight seasons (1991-98) in the NFL as a defensive back.

“I think there are pieces in place that excite you here,” he said. “And I just hope to contribute to what’s already being done here.”


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