TWO DEEP: Dallas Cowboys wide receivers with a chance to make club history

TWO DEEP - Laurent Robinson and Dez Bryant - The Boys Are Back blog

Obviously with a game like this on the horizon, it’s difficult to focus on anything other than the factors that play the biggest role in Sunday’s gigantic matchup with the Giants.

To win, the Cowboys will obviously need big plays from the offense, particularly the passing game. That’s what they did against the Giants in the first meeting back on Dec. 11 with Tony Romo throwing four touchdown passes to four different receivers.

And it’s that type of distribution that could give the Cowboys a franchise first.

If Laurent Robinson and Dez Bryant each catch a touchdown pass Sunday, it would mark the first time in the Cowboys’ 52-year history to have two different players with double-digit touchdown catches.

Both Robinson and Bryant have nine each this year not too far behind is Miles Austin, who has seven touchdowns despite missing six games this season. And let’s not rule him out completely since he does have a three-touchdown-catch game already this year in San Francisco.

But with all the great receivers this team has had over the years, and even the great 1-2 combinations of Alworth and Hayes, Pearson and Hill, Irvin and Harper and even Owens and Glenn, you would think it’s a feat that has occurred at least once before.

And it still hasn’t happened yet. Having both Robinson and Bryant catch a touchdown pass in the same game isn’t a given, although it has happened four times this year, including twice already this month.

The Cowboys are 3-1 this year when both Robinson and Bryant have a touchdown in the same game. Of course, the one loss . . . was to the Giants.  

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