EXCLUSIVE: The Great Robbini’s BOLD predictions for Week #16

Here are the ALMOST WORLD FAMOUS predictions from Robert A Knight … aka The GREAT Robbini … our self-proclaimed prediction guru. He’s back this week … fired up … and Jerry Jones’n for some NFC East showdown action!

Just weeks ago, it appeared the New York Giants had the NFC East under control. At that time, Dallas fans were eyeing one of the available two wild card spots. It’s quite different today. This weekend, the Dallas Cowboys can take control … and let the Giants fight for a wildcard entry into the playoffs. But first, as we all know, they have to take out the Philadelphia Eagles at Cowboys Stadium. That’s going to be quite a challenge, if we consider the results the last time these two rivals met in Philly.

The thing that’s on all of our minds is … WHICH NFC East team will host that wildcard weekend playoff game? As of this moment, The “Boys, Giants, and Eagles have a shot at it! . Two divisional games today will help decide their fates.

It’s time for The GREAT Robbini’s predictions … I’m sure you’ll agree … a lot of these will come true. OK, here we go …

Eagles come into Dallas on a surprise playoff mission. Rob Ryan and the ‘Boys out for redemption. Who gets their Christmas wish?

  • Tony Romo 3 TDs (Romo injured, McGee 1 TD)
  • Miles Austin TD (4 for 40 yds, including the TD)
  • Diamond Dez Bryant TD (6 for 62 yds)
  • Tony Romo INT (McGee 0 INT)
  • ‘Boys 100yds rushing (81)
  • Diamond Dez breaks 800 yds. for season (needs 4 yards!)
  • ‘Boys receive 3rd QTR kick
  • Michael Vick 270 yds. passing (296)
  • Eagles 2 giveaways (1)
  • McCoy TD (13 for 35, plus 10 yds receiving)
  • Vick sacked 3x (2 DeMarcus Ware, multiple pressures)
  • Eagles trail at half (never trailed)
  • Eagles 3 plays over 30yds (close enough, 2 over 30, 2 nearly there!)
  • PHI loses by less than 6
  • BONUS prediction: NYG lose to NYJ

Remember, you read it here! The Great Robbini predictions for week #16

TBAB POSTGAME SUMMARY: Dallas D had a rough first half, but improved as the game progressed. With Romo out, the Dallas offense was unable to get any momentum. McGee struggled, due to PHI pressure and from being rusty. Backup QB’s get very little time with starting units during the week. Luckily, McGee’s final drive produced a TD, which helped Dallas avoid a home shutout for the first time in 165 games. Philadelphia put enough pressure on McGee to prevent many big plays down the field. It was nice to see him rolling out, avoiding sacks, and making plays when the pressure was closing in. As the week progresses, we’ll hear more about Tony Romo’s hand injury and if he’ll be the starter. As you probably know, the Giants won earlier. The Dallas Cowboys playoff hopes boil down to the final game of the season … in New York … primetime. Get set for one of the highest rated Sunday Night Football games in history!


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