Rob Ryan hints that Terence Newman might be injured

In explaining why backup cornerback Alan Ball replaced starter Terence Newman early in the first quarter in 37-34 loss to the Giants last Sunday, defensive coordinator Rob Ryan intimated that Newman is nursing an injury

"We have guys, corners who have been delicate cause of injuries," Ryan said. "They are not delicate. They are playing their ass off. We’ve got guys with hamstrings. We’ve got guys with shoulders. Most guys won’t come out there. That is why there is so much substitution. It looks like hockey. Got guys coming in and out over the bench."

Cornerback Mike Jenkins is on the injury report with a shoulder injury.

So Ryan was asked specifically if Newman had an injured hamstring?

"I don’t know," Ryan said. "He is playing as best he can. Most people with the injuries he is having to nurse through and work through…. You have to commend a guy that is giving that kind of effort."

So what is Newman nursing, Ryan was asked again: "I don’t know. I don’t know. Hell, I have no idea."


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