Dallas Cowboys Rob Ryan hopes Sean Lee can help stop the run

Dallas Cowboys Sean Lee

Dallas Cowboys Sean Lee

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan is hoping Sean Lee can be as effective Sunday as he was in the first seven weeks of the season. Lee still leads the team in tackles with 73 despite missing last week’s game with a dislocated left wrist.

Lee will try to play with a cast that covers his entire left hand.

“I’ve seen [Cardinals’ Hall of Fame safety] Larry Wilson play a game 100 years ago with a big cast, and he did good,” Ryan said. “I’m hoping he can be the next Larry Wilson. Honestly, we hope he can play. He brings so much to the defense. He’s smart, tough; he finds the football like no other. He is excellent. He does have a special quality to find the football. He studies a ton of tape. He really is a special player.”

Lee got hurt in the first quarter of the Eagles game while tackling Michael Vick. In his absence, the Cowboys have given up back-to-back 100-yard rushers and now face the league’s third-leading rusher in Buffalo’s Fred Jackson. They did not allow a 100-yard rusher in the first six games.

“We’ve had extra walk-throughs on our run fits,” Ryan said. “We’re doing some extra things here to shore up the run. Obviously, you can’t have a whole lot of success if you’re giving up that many yards rushing each week. We definitely made it a point of emphasis. We’re playing another great back and a great coach. Chan Gailey does about as good a job in this league as an offensive coordinator. We know he has a commitment to run the football like he’s always done. We definitely made it priority and expect great results.”


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