REMINDER: Thursday Night Football starts this week

Thursday-Night-Football on the NFL Network
Thursday-Night-Football on the NFL Network


The five-day wait between NFL games is now over. Thursday Night Football begins its schedule this week, and it will carry us all the way through Week 16. There will be an NFL game every Thursday, as well as a bonus game on a Saturday in December.

NFL Network Schedule

Week Date Matchup
Week 10 Thursday, Nov. 10 Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers
Week 11 Thursday, Nov. 17 New York Jets at Denver Broncos
Week 12 Thursday, Nov. 24 San Francisco 49ers at Baltimore Ravens
Week 13 Thursday, Dec. 1 Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks
Week 14 Thursday, Dec. 8 Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers
Week 15 Thursday, Dec. 15 Jacksonville Jaguars at Atlanta Falcons
Week 15* Saturday, Dec. 17 Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Week 16 Thursday, Dec. 22 Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts


Remember, in our Pro Football Pick ‘Em games that your pick has to be in :05 before the kickoff of the first game of the week. If you forget, and miss the deadline, you won’t get any points for that weeks games.

Did you know?: You have instant access to our Pro Football Pick ‘Em game from right here, inside The Boys Are Back blog. Either click on the “Gameday” tab at the top of every page, or scroll down and click on the logo located on the right side of every blog page.


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