EXCLUSIVE: The Great Robbini’s BOLD predictions for Week #9


The GREAT Robbini - The Boys Are Back prediction guru

The GREAT Robbini - The Boys Are Back prediction guru


Here are the BOLD predictions from Robert A Knight … aka The GREAT Robbini … our self-proclaimed prediction guru. He’s back this week … fired up … and Jerry Jones’n for some NFC rival football! As we’ve come to expect … this week … he’s more confident than ever!

This week, the ‘boys are at home, hosting the hungry Seattle Seahawks. Dallas has put the Philly loss behind them and focusing on this weeks rival. The Seahags come into Big D hoping to bounce back from their 34-12 loss to the CINcity Bengals. The Dallas Cowboys are favored by 11 1/2 points, but as we all know … anything can happen in the NFL.

It’s time for The GREAT Robbini’s predictions … I’m sure you’ll agree … most of these are very BOLD. OK, here we go …

The GREAT Robbini – Week #9 predictions: 

This week Dallas continues on the path of beating up on teams that may or may not be better than their record indicates. Once more we head upward, on JJ’s wild ride. Taking all our momentum from last week’s 200 mph drop. Rob Ryan shows his reflexes, and WWIII D is in full force as Bruce Carter makes his first steps to dominance. The defensive identity begins to take shape. JG’s offense shows it isn’t perfect and plays well though it’s obvious things are still in need of coming together Cowboys give the home crowd a strong showing and solid win.

The GREAT Robbini

  • Dallas Cowboys defense records 5 sacks minimum
  • DeMarcus Ware at least 2 sacks
  • Sensabaugh/Elam lead tackles
  • Cowboys at least 2 takeaways
  • Cowboys limit SEA to under 105 yds rushing
  • Tony Romo at least 2 td’s
  • TD Diamond Dez Bryant
  • TD Miles Austin
  • Austin tops last week’s yardage by more than 20yds
  • Robinson over 30 yds
  • Witten 40+ yds
  • Cowboys top 95 yards rushing
  • Romo tops 250 yards
  • SEA uses 2 QBs
  • Cowboys control the clock
  • SEA punts 6x
  • Game ends in regulation
  • DAL to open 3rd quarter on offense

Remember, you read it here! The Great Robbini predictions for week #9.

TBAB POSTGAME SUMMARY: Check back after the game for this weeks postgame summary.

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