DREAM TEAM: Rob Ryan’s ‘All-Hype team’ comments stir up a few emotions in Philly

Given a little bit of ammunition and some prodding, DeSean Jackson isn’t afraid to fire back at Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

Ryan took a not-so-subtle shot at Jackson’s Eagles and their “Dream Team” status during training camp, calling them the “all-hype team” and saying that the Dallas Cowboys would (in more colorful terms) beat the Eagles. So it’s no surprise that quote has resurfaced as the teams prepare to meet on Sunday night, and even less of a surprise someone brought it to Jackson’s attention.

Video - Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan - All-hype team comment
Press Play to watch  ‘all-hype team’ video with Rob Ryan     .

“For a coach to really say that it’s hard for me to kind of respect that because the coach isn’t really out there playing,” Jackson said, according to The News Journal of Wilmington. “He’s doing a good job of calling the plays and putting his defense in the right position to stop the offense but as far as the defensive coordinator’s comments … it’s kind of unheard of, uncalled for.”

Jackson added that he would be more understanding if such talk came from a player “so I would be able to get a chance to get a shot at that player who said something.”

Rob Ryan’s comments got a lot of attention, as well as a rise out of Michael Vick, when they initially made the rounds. Vick now is playing it more even-keeled, saying the Eagles haven’t been paying attention to anything coming out of Dallas.

“We know it’s a competitive game and sometimes people say things they regret days, weeks and months later,” Vick said, per The Dallas Morning News. “I think from a competitive standpoint, he was just talking. It was nothing that we really paid any
attention to because we know what really counts is when you step out on the football field and whoever wins and loses the game, that’s what matters.”

Clearly, the Eagles seem to be doing a better job of avoiding the bait this time around. At least, as best as they can.


2 responses

  1. robert a knight | Reply

    everyones pickin PHI over our defense….


    1. Yes, they are! Dallas D can put up some points too! Been a lull lately, so we’re due for some pick sixes and nice turnovers!


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