EAGLES RESTING: Sunday bye week may not give Philly an edge against the Dallas Cowboys

Most of the Philadelphia Eagles are resting this week - Coaches prepare for Dallas Cowboys

Most of the Eagles are resting this week - Coaches prepare for Dallas Cowboys


The Philadelphia Eagles may not have as big an advantage against the Dallas Cowboys as one might expect coming off their bye in Week 7.

As NFL.com’s Michael Lombardi points out, teams are 3-9 coming off their bye week this season. That would include the Dallas Cowboys’ 20-16 loss at New England in Week 6, for which they had two weeks to prepare.

The old assumption that extra time to rest and get ready for an opponent is beneficial may not be holding true this year because of a change in the league’s CBA which mandates players be given at least four consecutive off days during the open date. Combined with no offseason and jam-packed training camps, the thought is that teams and players are letting their fundamentals get away from them during the extra time away from the practice field.

Unlike the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia entered their bye on a positive note, earning a gut check win over Washington to get to 2-4. But having those good vibes extended may not make a difference.

As opposed to playing an unfamiliar team coming out of the bye, like the Dallas Cowboys going to New England, the extra time to prepare for the Cowboys probably won’t have an effect for Philly. They know the Dallas Cowboys as well as any team in the league, and the Cowboys are just as familiar with Andy Reid’s bunch.

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