POLL: Should Dez Bryant be returning punts against New England?

Dez Bryant told the media he would return punts this week, even though he wouldn’t clearly answer the question if he was 100 percent healthy. Do you think he should return punts against the Patriots?

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Dez Bryant didn’t have much to say Friday.

But the Cowboys receiver, on his way to the weight room, acknowledged that his bruised thigh feels great. Asked if he’s at 100 percent, Bryant replied, “you can say that.”

Bryant bruised his quadriceps in the season opener returning a punt against the New York Jets. He hasn’t returned a punt since.

That should change Sunday.

“Yeah, I’m going to do some,” Bryant said.

The Boys Are Back comment: Is this Diamond Dez expressing his desire to return punts? Is this a ploy to suck the New England Patriots in, so they’ll gameplan and spend time watching him return punts on film? Does Jason Garrett have a few special teams sets with Dez Bryant back to return, maybe early and/or late in the game?

2 responses

  1. robert a knight | Reply

    too risky. this lesson shouldve already been learned. if the game comes down to the ending few possesions and we gotta get the spark, or field position then yes. otherwise no, never.


    1. He so gifted, I can see how it would be tempting to get Diamond Dez on the field as much as possible. Still, I’m in that “let’s find a stud or two” that can take on that special team kickoff and punt return over for him. I’d rather see Dez mastering that offensive playbook … and curb his appetite for special teams, at least for now.


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