Detroit heading BACK to Texas on Oct 8th … who will win this time? UPDATED

Here we are … bored to death on the Dallas Cowboys week #4 bye. No substantive football news. So, I decided to digress … a little. The Dallas area Texas Rangers … and the Detroit Tigers have advanced to MLB’s American League Championship Series (ALCS). The timing couldn’t be worse! We’re all still reeling from the Dallas Cowboy loss to the Detroit Lions just days ago! Now … once again … Detroit is coming onto “our” turf … looking for a win! Romo can’t bounce back … Rob Ryan can’t blitz … and worst of all … Jerry Jones has his hands tied! Not even a sideline “thatta boy”, a cheering “go get ’em”, or a jersey tug can be expected this weekend from our fearless owner/general manager. Detroit, of all places, is due back in Arlington. A stones (or baseballs) throw from the house that Jerry built … Cowboys Stadium. Detroit, the Mo Town Tigers, walking on our grass … breathing our air … all of them, with a gleam in their eyes … in search of ANOTHER win on Texas soil!!! Surely, Texas pride will prevail. Right? I’m hoping for a Dirk Nowitzki’s tweet to the Texas Rangers … he’s got time. That’s just good use of the NBA Dallas Mavericks stars resources … keep them thumbs limber! Last year we had G ‘Dub and his father, the first President Bush out there … cheering on the Texas Rangers. This year, we need to pull out all of the stops! This is serious. We CAN’T let Detroit advance. It’s a matter of principle. Bring down the Texas legends … Nolan Ryan, Doak Walker, J.R. Ewing, and even Elvis (it’s on his way to Vegas from Memphis).  I’m pretty sure The King is a Texas Ranger fan, and naturally he’s a fan of America’s Team … who isn’t? So. let’s get ready for another Dallas and Detroit battle. I think the Texas Rangers can take ’em down. But for God’s sake … don’t let Romo pitch in the bottom of the 9th!

Oh yes. Almost forgot. There’s a poll below. Be sure to vote!

Originally published OCT 7, 2011 … updated Oct 9, 2011 … updated Oct 12, 2011 … updated Oct 13, 2011 … updated Oct 15, 2011 … Updated October 16th, 2011.


Game 1 Detroit @ Texas Saturday, October 8 … Texas Rangers win 3-2
Game 2 Detroit @ Texas Sunday, October 10 … Texas Rangers win 7-3
Game 3 Texas @ Detroit Tuesday, October 11 … Detroit Tigers win 5-2
Game 4 Texas @ Detroit Wednesday, October 12 … Texas Rangers win 7-3
Game 5 Texas @ Detroit Thursday, October 13 Detroit Tigers win 7-5
Game 6 Detroit @ Texas Saturday, October 15 Texas Rangers win 15-5
WOW … TEXAS RANGERS WIN THE NLCS! They’re going to the World Series! I’m hoping for the St. Louis Cardinals to win the ALCS … will be the perfect matchup! My two favorite teams!

October 16th: St. Louis wins the ALCS! They’ll face the Texas Rangers in the 2011 World Series! EXCELLENT!

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