Dallas Cowboys coach Mike Woicik meets his former team

Mike Woicik - Dallas Cowboys strength and conditioning coach

Mike Woicik - Dallas Cowboys strength and conditioning coach

IRVING — The Cowboys strength and conditioning coach, Mike Woicik has won more Super Bowl titles than any player or coach in the game. He’s won six, three with the Cowboys during his first tenure with the club (1990-1996) and three more with the New England Patriots (2000-2010).

Sunday Woicik will get to see some old friends when the Cowboys and Patriots meet at Gillette Stadium.

Woicik doesn’t speak with reporters other than a brief hello as he walks by them.

Bill Belichick, however, did have some good thoughts about Woicik.

“He made a very positive impact,” said Belichick, who has won three titles as a head coach. “Mike’s got a wealth of experience and he’s got a tremendous background in all the things you want your strength and conditioning coach to have in the National Football League. He’s got a lot of experience with track and running and speed training as well as power lifting and becoming stronger and more explosive as well as rehabbing injuries and working guys back from being less than 100 percent all the way up to being full speed. That’s really what that position is.”

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