Bill Belichick praises Jason Garrett

IRVING — In a nearly 16 minute conference call with reporters on Wednesday morning, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick had some positive things to say about Cowboys coach Jason Garrett.

Of course he would, but based on what Garrett has done, turned the Cowboys 2010 season around and have them playing better this season, it seems justified.

“I haven’t had a lot of personal interaction with Jason,” Belichick said. “Certainly as a quarterback and his experience in the league that’s a great learning ground to be a coach, where you experience all the game plans. From the quarterback position you see as much of the game from that position, more than any other one, I think that’s good training for anybody who wants to
be a coach.”

During the lockout, Garrett spoke to several current and former coaches from Mike Krzyzewski, the men’s basketball coach at Duke, to former Cowboys and Miami Dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson about leading a team.

Garrett said he did not speak to Belichick, but has tremendous praise for the man who has five Super Bowl titles, three as a head coach.

Belichick did notice the work Garrett has done at other players, such as being an assistant coach with the Dolphins and when he was the offensive coordinator only with the Cowboys.

“He obviously did a good job in Miami,” Belichick said. “Did an excellent job as the coordinator when he came back to Dallas in ’07 and last year taking over a 1-7 team and getting five wins to finish off the year. He’s obviously [had] good control of the team, made a lot of good decisions and it’s reflective on the field. I think they’re a good football team, I have a lot of respect for Jason and the job that he has done, and all of the staff, the coordinators, and Rob [Ryan] and Joe [DeCamillis] on special teams, that they all do.”

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