Aaron Rodgers says that Tony Romo had an impressive performance

A week after being criticized for his fourth quarter mistakes against the New York Jets, Tony Romo is receiving praise for persevering through rib and lung injuries and rallying the Cowboys to a 27-24 overtime victory in San Francisco.

One of the latest to compliment Romo’s Week 2 performance was reigning Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers.

“I was surprised he could play so effectively under that much pain,” The Green Bay Packers quarterback said on “The Rich Eisen Podcast” this week. “I actually didn’t have the same injury, but I got cracked in the ribs a couple of years ago against Detroit and the guys were kind of making fun of me in the huddle because I was having a hard time spitting out the plays.

“But a punctured lung and cracked rib? That’s a lot of pain. I sent him a text after the game because I saw the highlights and saw they came back. That’s an impressive performance.”

By just glancing at the box score from the Cowboys’ loss to the Jets, Rodgers noted that he thought Romo played a pretty good game. However, he was aware that the Cowboys QB took quite a bit of criticism for his mistakes during the final nine minutes.

“I think it was pretty good for him to bounce back like that and come back in the game and play so well,” Rodgers said.


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