Romo’s mom and dad go from worried to proud, about their son

When quarterback Tony Romo didn’t return to the game in the third quarter, his parents grew worried so they rushed from the stands to the field.

Of course by the time they got to the field and near Romo to find out what was wrong, he was back in the game and leading the Cowboys to a heroic comeback victory.

“We had some sneaking suspicion he hurt his ribs but we didn’t know for sure,” his dad Ramiro Romo said.  “We had no idea. When he wasn’t playing we knew something was serious. We went to the field to see if he was all right and he was back in the game. They let us watch the rest of the game from down there.”

Ramiro Romo said he was proud of the entire team for how they battled and continued to play.

And after initially downplaying the controversy of the last week when his son was criticized nationally for his two fourth-quarter turnovers and not being a game who can win in the clutch, Dad showed his pride and his own bit of competitiveness.

“You can’t question his heart, you can’t question that,” said Ramiro before pausing with a smile. “And  you can’t question the ability to perform when the game is on the  line.”

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