Jerry Jones’n: Confident in Kitna, says he inspired Cowboys

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he’s confident in Jon Kitna if Tony Romo can’t play next week against the Washington Redskins.

“We have a lot of confidence in Jon,” Jones said. “Jon steps in and he makes  plays. He got us going. Good drives. Obviously the touchdown kept us in the game. That’s what he’s done the last two years, really step in and make plays.”

Kitna completed six of 10 passes for 87 yards, a 5-yard touchdown to Miles Austin and two interceptions.

“Jon inspired the team to come in,” Jones said. “You guys know how many snaps the backup quarterback gets. But he came in and made those plays. It’s a shame that he’s going to have to have on his stats about that one that bounced around back there. That’s a shame. We’re fortunate, this team, to have him as the backup quarterback.”

Kitna said he didn’t do anything special. He was just glad to be ready when called on, and he said that’s the message coach Jason Garrett has been emphasizing.

“The message is the same every week,” Kitna said. “We’re not going to talk about excuses, how we’re going to wish and live in that land of ‘Oh, what if?’ Hey, you’re on this team, you have a job to do. When it’s your turn to do your job, you’ve got to do your job.”

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