Jason Garrett doesn’t like the play call at the end of regulation

Jason Garrett played Monday Morning Quarterback with himself a day after the  Cowboys’ 27-24 overtime victory over the 49ers. Garrett, the team’s play-caller  as well as its head coach, called for a running play with receiver Miles Austin  at the end of regulation.

Dallas faced a third-and-two from the San Francisco 28 with 49 seconds  remaining and trailing by three points. Austin lost a yard and reinjured his  hamstring on the play. The Cowboys kicked the game-tying field goal on the final  play of the fourth quarter.

Garrett said he would like to have a mulligan on the play call.

“I don’t like the call,” Garrett said Monday. “I say it every week, there are  about 10 calls throughout the week that I don’t really like. Conceptually, it  was a good idea for that situation. We wanted to run the ball there. We’ve run  similar type runs from that three-wide receiver set in the drive, so we wanted  to do something different. Sometimes, when you put guys in different spots  and then run a play, that you’re comfortable with, it can affect the defense. We  did have an opportunity to get that thing outside, and Miles just turned it up  in there. We wanted to run the ball and not have too much of a negative play. We  wanted to kick the field goal. In hindsight, I would’ve run a different  play.”

Garrett said he would have called a different running play if given the  opportunity.

“Sometimes you make mistakes in the game,” Garrett said. “In hindsight, you  go back and evaluate and say, ‘Hmm, maybe we should’ve done something  different.’ But the idea was to run the ball there just to give Dan Bailey a  chance to kick it. He made a big kick in the game, obviously.”

TBAB comment: I was going to post something on this subject, but JG was quick to squash it. At the time, during live game action, it appeared as a broken play or some type of mass confusion in the backfield. Now that I realize it’s an actual designed play (but poorly executed with an injured player), I can see the benefits of a play like this (with a healthy WR, of course).  Austin could have really put icing on the cake … and boost his already impressive game stats. I love innovation, so lets keep that one tucked away in the playbook … until Austin is healthy again.

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