Dallas Cowboys Holley-wood ending

Jesse Holley had three catches 96 yards against the 49ers. He should have had a touchdown on the final catch, but he admits he “ran out of gas,” (Juke Juice) allowing safety Donte Whitner to catch him from behind at the 1-yard line.

“I never proclaimed to be a speedster,” said Holley, who got a chance to make the team three training camps ago after winning Michael Irvin’s reality show on Spike TV. “God blessed me with a lot of things, but 4.3 speed definitely wasn’t one of them.”

It was as if the Cowboys’ final play had been drawn up by a screen writer.  Tony Romo got Whitner to bite on a play-action fake to Tashard Choice, allowing Holley to get wide open. After that, it was just a matter of Holley catching the ball and running as fast as he could to glory.

“If I drop that pass,” Holley said. “my bag might beat me back to Dallas.”

Holley was playing only because Miles Austin had tweaked his hamstring on the final play from scrimmage in regulation. He had gotten a chance in the fourth quarter only because Dez Bryant was inactive with a thigh contusion and Austin was a bit gimpy with his hamstring.

“I went to my coaches and I told them I’m ready,” Holley said. “I’m just glad that they believed in me to make a play.”

Holley had never had a catch before Sunday.

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