CB Orlando Scandrick hopeful to return soon

The “when” part in Orlando Scandrick returning to the field was still cloudy on Wednesday. The fourth-year cornerback, wearing a protective boot at the bottom of his right leg, said he’s not sure when he will be able to come back to action.

“I don’t know right now,” he said. “We’ve just got to get this boot off first. Everyone heals different.”

However, Scandrick had a better idea “how” he might return when he gets back to playing again from a high-ankle sprain injury he suffered on what he recalls as the second play of the game against the Jets.

“My biggest thing is staying in it mentally, which I will do,” Scandrick said. “I’m going to continue to study, continue to prepare as if I’m playing and continue to lift weights and keep my body in condition. When I come back, I fully expect to pick up where I left off in my play.”

Although Scandrick played most of the first quarter with the injury, he said he didn’t realize the severity of it right away.

“I just came out to get my ankle re-taped,” he said. “That’s when we realized it was more than that.”

Scandrick was then carted off the field for further evaluation in the locker room. However, he then jogged back on the field in hopes of playing again.

“I wanted to, but it wasn’t my decision,” Scandrick said. “It’s ok to run straight ahead. To break and cut on it, it was tough.”

Scandrick signed a five-year, $25 million contract extension last month, signaling the Cowboys’ faith in him not only for this season but down the road as a future starter.

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