KRLD-FM: DeMarcus Ware interview

Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware talked with Josh & Elf on KRLD-FM on Thursday. A few highlights from Ware’s interview:

On how to defend the Jets:

I look at that running attack. From a defensive aspect, they always talk about how they ground and pound, so that’s one place we need to stop them to make Sanchez make passing decisions.

On not knowing where he’s going to line up in Rob Ryan’s defense:

I think that’s a good thing because you can get mismatches. You’re not always on the right side or the left side. With me, I try to put pressure coming from different angles, and I think that helps out a lot. And then you look at all the other guys like Jay [Ratliff] and Brady [James], they’re coming from different places too. They’ve got more than just me to look for.

On how he’d approach the Cowboys’ offensive line in the wake of Tyron Smith’s injury:

I would stick my best pass rusher on that side and see what that guy has. But the weird thing is, the guy that’s usually behind [the starter], they don’t know anything about him. Or a guy like [Smith], they play against him a little bit, but they don’t know how he’s going to react in a big game. Sometimes, if you don’t know, that can hurt you a little bit.

On whether he thinks Mike Jenkins or Tyron Smith will play on Sunday:

I think we’ll see both of them. I think we will.

On facing Jets tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson:

I’ve just got to tear down that mortar between those bricks and break him down. A guy like D’Brickashaw Ferguson, he’s a good player, and you’ve just got to outsmart him. He’s just as good of an athlete as anybody on the field, but eventually you’ve just got to try to outwork him. He gets tired too.

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