Jason Garrett: Tony Romo has grown, hasn’t lost what makes him special

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Tony Romo has grown leaps and bounds as a  quarterback every year.

And that was no different in the offseason, when a locked out Romo continued  to tinker with his game and technique.

Garrett said he has certainly taken notice. But while has gotten better and  is making smarter decisions, Romo still has some of that gambling moxie  that makes him a special quarterback.

“I think he’s grown technically as a player,” Garrett said. “Fundamentally  he’s gotten better. Just look at his footwork and the quickness he has getting  away from the center, the quickness he has on the back end. I think his accuracy  has gotten better because his footwork has gotten better. I think all the while  he’s done this without losing Tony Romo. We like Tony Romo and what he brings to  the table. But he needed to be refined. He’s going about it the right way  and we’re excited about his progress.”

Garrett said Romo tinkers a lot with technique whether it’s his footwork or  release.

He said it’s admirable that he continues to work on his game. But Garrett  said the area Romo has improved in the most is his understanding of the  game.

“It’s more about understanding,” Garrett said. “Tony has always had  great vision. He sees the field, he sees the offense, he sees the defense, he  sees their relationship to each other really well. I think that’s probably  because of his basketball background. And that’s a really good thing. The best  quarterbacks I’ve been around, the best quarterbacks I’ve seen, have great  vision. And I believe Tony has that. So I think his growth comes from his  understanding, his understanding of your scheme, of their scheme, how our scheme  fits on top of their scheme, and how he can be quicker or more decisive going to  the right place with the football. So if you put that together with how he sees  the field, those are all positive things for a quarterback to have.

“You want a guy who is invested in his technique. There’s no question about  that. But we also want a guy who can play. And to the earlier point, you never  want take Romo out of Romo. We think that’s a good thing. So, I think he’s  always understood the balance between those things but also the time of year to  mess around with some things. He understands once you get to the season you’re  just playing football.”

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