NFL writer: If Cowboys have disappointing season, Jason Garrett could be replaced

The Cowboys have released nearly half of their offensive starting lineup from last season and the roster continues to embrace a youth movement.

Head coach Jason Garrett seems to have his hand in on the changes, meaning he is part of the future.

It’s difficult to find scenarios that would force Jerry Jones to make a coaching change at the end of the 2011 season. However, one NFL writer says Garrett is a dark horse candidate for being on the hot seat.

“I know he just got hired and did very well after the mid-season firing of Wade Phillips ,”’s Michael Silver said Monday. “I just wonder whether Jerry Jones’ heart was really in this hire. He reacted to the obvious bump in the Cowboys’ fortunes, but you can make the case that Jason Garrett was very much a part of the prior regime, which tanked.”

Silver recommended a possible successor to Garrett, but that head coach signed a contract extension Monday that will keep him in New Orleans through the 2015 season.

“If the Cowboys have another disappointing season,” Silver said, “with all those big names out there, and the possibility of maybe Sean Payton, if there’s a way to get him free, that would be a perfect match for both of those guys. So, watch out.”

TBAB Commentary: This Yahoo over at Yahoo! is an idiot. Any coaching shakeups in Dallas (after this season) will be position or coordinators below Garrett … not Garrett himself. Jerry Jones is very comfortable with his decision to elevate Jason Garrett. That Sean Payton ship sailed a long time ago. Silver is way off-base and completely out of touch. Yes, Jerry Jones’ window for success is short … but it’s not going to be a one-year trial. Jason Garrett will have an opportunity. He’ll make support staff changes, if and when that becomes necessary. If you keep up with Dallas at all … it’s clear that Jerry Jones stands fully behind Jason Garrett … has been supportive from the very beginning. Jason Garrett has been groomed for a number of years in Dallas. No way that Jerry Jones throws in the towel so quickly. Jerry Jones sees elements of several successful coaches within Garrett’s style … including Landry, Parcells, and Jimmy Johnson … all of which won Super Bowls … and earned reputations as team builders.

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