Rob Ryan: CB Orlando Scandrick having a good camp, considers him a future starter

Arlington — Cornerback Orlando Scandrick is apparently making the most of his  time in the starting lineup in place of the injured Terence Newman, who is out  until at least the season opener with a strained groin.

According to defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, Scandrick is having as good a  camp as any defender, raising the possibility of him keeping the job even when  Newman returns.

Ryan wouldn’t go that far, saying he feels the Cowboys have three starters in  Scandrick, Newman and Mike Jenkins.

“Scandrick’s been doing great all camp,” Ryan said. “He’s had one of the  better camps than anybody I think. He’s a confident guy. He’s doing well. He’s  covering well. He’s taken the challenge. He’s playing two positions really for  us. He’s doing an excellent job. In my opinion, we have three starting corners  and that’s the way it’s going to be. The way people attack you on offense,  that’s how it is. You’ve got to have three, maybe four, starting corners. I  don’t give a crap about that. I want our guys healthy and ready to go and we’ll  be fine.”

The title of starter, however, is important to Scandrick who has been the  team’s nickel corner the past three seasons.

He is in the last year of his contract and understands that his future income  will be judged on whether he’s considered a starting caliber  cornerback.

Scandrick certainly sees this as an opportunity to prove he can be a starter  on the outside next season if not this year for the Cowboys. And if not in  Dallas, then somewhere else. He would prefer to remain with the Cowboys and  there will likely be an opening in 2012.

It is unlikely that the Cowboys bring Newman back next season because of his  age, salary and injury history.

None of this is lost on Scandrick who says he doesn’t block out the business  part of the game.
“I don’t because this is a business. This is my job, it’s  not a game,” he said. “This is how I feed my family [and] this is how my family  survives. I think it’s a great opportunity for me and I just want to make the  best of my opportunity.”

Clarence E. Hill Jr.

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