2013 NFL SCHEDULE RELEASED: Dallas Cowboys 2013-2014 NFL Schedule – Dallas Cowboys 2013 schedule

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Dallas Cowboys 2013-2014 NFL Schedule - Dallas Cowboys 2013 schedule - The Boys Are Back blog

REVISED 12/23/2013: DALLAS COWBOYS SCHEDULE UPDATE: NFL flexes Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys to SNF for NFC East title game

2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys regular season NFL schedule – Printable (right-click)

2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys regular season NFL schedule - NFL Dallas Cowboys preseason schedule 2013-2014

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20 responses

  1. Interesting to ALREADY flex the game. Seems the league is going with the odds. That the final game will be crucial


    1. So true … the NFL and networks love flexing the Dallas Cowboys.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Right. I take this early flex as more of an insult though


          1. Theyre assuming we wont have the division wrapped up at that point


            1. It was flexed six days before the game was scheduled … the day after the Redskins game … with the division title on the line.


  2. The new 2014-2015 Dallas Cowboys schedule is available at: http://theboysareback.wordpress.com/dallas-cowboys-schedule

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  3. Six games to go in the regular season. Think Dallas will make the playoffs?


  4. robert a. knight | Reply

    Looking at the schedule it is obvious, weve got an NFL gift for our division games. As long as we show up to play……


    1. looking good in the division games, so far. 3-0


    2. Three down … three to go.


    3. Robert Knight | Reply



  5. I really like the last part of the season. Post bye. I like that block of games a lot. I think we can power thru that well.


  6. Love that bye week. Love it.


    1. Me too! FYI, I checked the rest of the NFC East bye-weeks and will post that soon. I will say, Washington will have theirs in the 4th week!


      1. This is great for our week 16 rematch. The early matchup will be a nice test. Theyll be 2 games off their bye and rg3 will be ready. This time he should be facing the cowboys STARTERS. Should be a different outcome than last year.


        1. One game i.have highlighted is the.early home matchup against the.rams. this is one to pay attention to. STL is going to be a.very strong team. If all goes well we ll have won the home opener and the STL game can.go a long way to.finally securing a home field advantage in the “new” stadium


        2. Redskins looking better at the midway point. Dallas can still take them, when the time comes.


          1. Robert Knight | Reply

            The redskins may have a different name by the time we meet up again. Ive been hearing a lot of chatter about Washington Forskins being the new moniker. Apparently the ONLY problem is finding a family friendly logo.


            1. hahaha That would be quite a challenge!!


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